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PE Section names – re-visited, again, in 2023

May 11, 2023 in Reversing, Windows 11

In my previous posts I have listed many PE sections present in different types of binaries. Today I am looking at win11 PE sections and am happy to report that […]

An Elf walks into the bar…

May 11, 2023 in Windows 11

Windows 11’s advapi32.dll includes interesting export functions: ElfBackupEventLogFileA ElfBackupEventLogFileW ElfChangeNotify ElfClearEventLogFileA ElfClearEventLogFileW ElfCloseEventLog ElfDeregisterEventSource ElfFlushEventLog ElfNumberOfRecords ElfOldestRecord ElfOpenBackupEventLogA ElfOpenBackupEventLogW ElfOpenEventLogA ElfOpenEventLogW ElfReadEventLogA ElfReadEventLogW ElfRegisterEventSourceA ElfRegisterEventSourceW ElfReportEventA ElfReportEventAndSourceW ElfReportEventW And I […]