Beyond good ol’ Run key, Part 141

In my recent post on Mastodon I asked if there is any repo of Shadowpad side-loading combos. I asked, because long time ago I have created one for PlugX, and was hoping that maybe there is one for Shadowpad that I am not aware of.

I was aware of two existing combos at the time of posting, but googling around I found some more.

Here they are:

  • AppLaunch.exe (Microsoft) [source]
    • mscoree.dll
  • hpqhvind.exe (Hewlett Packard) [source]
    • hpqhvsei.dll
  • consent.exe (Microsoft) [source]
    • secur32.dll
      • secur32.dll.dat
  • TosBtKbd.exe (Toshiba) [source]
    • tosbtkbd.dll
  • BDReinit.exe (BitDefender) [source]
    • log.dll
      • log.dll.dat
  • Oleview.exe (Microsoft) [source]
    • iviewers.dll
      • iviewers.dll.dat
  • RasTls.exe [source]
    • RasTls.dll (thx @fe7ch)
      • RasTls.dat