IDA Fonts of Eton

September 26, 2020 in Silly

The other day I twitted example of IDA Pro showing code using a very posh font called Harrington:

I also posted Comic Sans Serif version by special request from @silascutler 😉


If you are curious how I did it — well, I chose the hardest possible way w/o looking at alternatives.

If you open IDA Pro Font choosing Dialog Box you will only see a subset of fonts that have a fixed width (Monospaced fonts):

In order to adjust IDA’s behaviour to allow me to choose any font I… didn’t check configuration files or Registry – I went directly to the co(d|r)e.

If you ever played with GDI API functions you know that font selection is associated with a variety of CreateFont* functions. One of the lowest level user-mode functions that is eventually called is CreateFontIndirectW. If you know that, the recipe is simple – open IDA Pro under XDBG, put a breakpoint on CreateFontIndirectW, disable it, let IDA Run, Open Font Dialog Box, choose any font – now you are game, now enable breakpoint, hit OK – change font name in XDBG, run. Et Voilà!

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