Logs from 1.6M sandboxed samples – release


Silas offered to host a mirror of the file – you can download it from here. Thank you very much Silas!

Old Post

On 31st of Dec 2017 I released a sampleset of my sandbox reports. It was a subset of a much larger set.

Today I am releasing the whole set – 1.6M+ samples.

The biggest challenge for a release like this is… space. Luckily, VirusShare graciously offered space to host the project so… thank you very much J-Michael!!!

The file apilog_2019-07-14.zip is available from VirusShare page. It is a 11GB archive, and it takes 200GB after unzipping.

The file format is very straightforward: it’s a large, single text file where reports are saved one by one, with a delimiter similar to the one used in the previous dump:

SAMPLE #<number> – <md5>


Yup. This time you have got a md5 hash too, so can map reports to actual samples.

As usual, it may contain bugs, errors, omissions, and other booboos. You have been warned. Also, it’s not OK to use it commercially.

This is the top of the file: