Western Digital Security – a short story of a known password that doesn’t work

January 15, 2016 in Forensic Analysis, Silly

This is a short note to anyone who set up their password on their Western Digital drive using the ‘brilliant’ piece of software called WD Security and can’t unlock it, despite knowing the password.

If you know the password, but despite it being correct you can’t unlock the drive, it is possible you are using a very long password, longer than 25 characters. Turns out that when you set up a password the stupid software accepts password of any length, without limits. So, you enter your 30 characters password, set the password, unplug the drive, all happy. Then you plug it in again, provide your 30 character long password and to your horror, it doesn’t work. Try to input first 25 characters and it should hopefully work.

Other vulnerabilities of WD drives here.


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