More Hanayama (Chess Piece Puzzles)

I wrote about Hanayama puzzles before, so this is more a reminder than a long post. After I discovered these fantastic puzzles last year it pretty much became a norm now that anytime I visit Japan and have an occasion to visit Loft department store, of other similar shops selling variety and fun stuff I do so with a hope I will find some new sets. This is how I came across a relatively new set from Hanayama called Chess Puzzles (which apparently is a remake of a puzzle set made by the designer Marcel Gillen) and thought it will be a good moment to mention the company and their products again.


Here are my new babies:


The Chess Puzzles turned out to be really easy and I went through them in no time. Luckily, there are still quite a few cast puzzles I have not cracked from the large collection I acquired last year.

Hanayama puzzles are of fantastic quality, have a great playability factor, and are a perfect gift for anyone who likes to crack problems.

I (again) highly recommend it.