AntiEDR – Samples targeting EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solutions

November 7, 2015 in Anti-*, Anti-Forensics, Batch Analysis, Compromise Detection, Forensic Analysis, Incident Response, Malware Analysis

I have recently came across an non-intriguing intriguing sample belonging to a family of applications commonly known as a PUA/PUP (Potentially Unwanted Application/Program). The ‘intriguing’ part is that it is the first one I have ever came across that actively tries to detect an EDR solution installed on the system, and in this particular case – CarbonBlack.

The sample md5 is 1233411098A5EE69EB925C559B815510.

What caught my attention was a string ‘IsRunningCarbon’ that I came across when i was eyeballing some of the logs generated by my batch analysis script.

It was placed among many other interesting strings f.ex.:

  • IsTestingBox
  • IsVirtualMachine
  • HasVirtualDrive
  • IsRunningOnVMWare
  • IsRunningOnHyperV
  • IsRunningOnVBox
  • IsRunningOnXEN
  • IsRunningVPN
  • IsRunningIPSECLP2
  • IsRunningOpenVPN
  • IsRunningPPTP
  • IsRunningTools
  • IsRunningFiddler
  • IsRunningFiddlerCert
  • IsRunningDeepFreeze
  • IsRunningPacketCapture
  • IsRunningAVs
  • IsRunningESET
  • IsRunningVipre
  • IsRunningCarbon
  • IsFlashInstalled

so it looked like a part of a generic ‘sandbox/monitor/security product detection’ pack of routines.

When loaded into ILSPY, the code of the function referenced by the name turned out to be a simple ‘directory present’ check (if the ‘CarbonBlack’ directory exists in a predetermined location), but the message the existence of this routine in the code sends to the EDR vendors is that they start to be recognized.

carbonPerhaps it’s not a big deal, but certainly notable. Maybe it is time to introduce randomization in the way EDR-specific directories are named? Or hide them completely (rootkit)?

Of course, the detection of EDR was always possible, but since now it is being actively done I bet it’s just a matter of time when we will see first evasions…

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