HMFT 0.3 + Extended Attributes, short update


fixed the title of the post¬† – it’s obviously a version 0.3 and not 3.0 ūüôā

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In my last post I talked about detecting Extended Attributes (used by ZeroAccess malware) using HMFT.  Today I got a chance to update it a bit with some more information.

First of all, I clustered some of the ZeroAccess samples I had and I came up with a list of comprehensive (of course it’s limited by a sampleset I have) file locations and their Extended Attributes that are used by the malware:

  • %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\services.exe::731
  • %USERPROFILE%\appdata\local\a4ca9b9c\u::@@@¬†
  • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\{0c9c4ca4-c3a9-47cf-2e3e-4db8bf2ad457}\U::001
  • %SYSTEMROOT%\$NtUninstallKB16214$\2764741532\U::CFG

You can find a full list of samples using EAs together with hashes (md5_sha1) here.

Secondly, I added some code to HMFT and now it can dump Extended Attribute’s name (and some printable content of the EA value) as well:

      AttributeTypeIdentifierD = 224
      LengthOfAttributeD       = 40
      NonResidentFlagB         = 0
      LengthOfNameB            = 0
      OffsetToNameW            = 0
      FlagsW                   = 0
      AttributeIdentifierW     = 4
      SizeOfContentD          = 16
      OffsetToContentW        = 24
            OfsNextEAD      = 16
            FlagsB          = 0
            EaNameLenB      = 3
            EaValueLenW     = 3
            EaName = FOO
            EaValue= bar

Using newer version of HMFT on one of the ZeroAccess samples gives the following result after postprocessing with script:


After HMFT update, had to be slightly modified::

use strict;
my $f='';
my $l='';
while (<>)
  $f = $1 if /FileName = (.+)$/;
  print "$f has $1 record\n" if ($l =~ /(MFTA_EA(_[A-Z]+)?)/);
  print "$f:".":$1\n" if (/EaName = (.+)$/);
  print "$f:$1\n" if ($l =~ /MFTA_DATA/&&/AttributeName = (.+)$/);
  $l = $_;

Btw. if you look at the screenshot above you will notice :SummaryInformation ADS used by this sample (5D23ACF4C2221B687BC96A2701786C13/ AB7EEC68F9438E31523D0A67E7612CA666C8F56A) as well – it can be even better seen in the window of Process Monitor during the malware installation:


In terms of APIs used by ZeroAccess to create EAs, I finally came across a few samples that use ZwSetEaFile to do so,. Interestingly. none of the samples used this API to create EA for services.exe – all the samples using this API create the following EA:

  • %USERPROFILE%\appdata\local\a4ca9b9c\u::@@@

(Please refer to the older post for more information about the context of this discussion.)

You can download latest hmft here.