Hexacorn Application Monitor

Between years 2004-2007 I maintained a small hobby programming page where I was releasing free software tools and various snippets in assembly. One of the programs I have written at that time was Kakeeware Application Monitor – a very small API monitor coded entirely in x86 assembly language. The last update has been made in 2007 and I have not touched the program since.

In July 2011 I decided to come back to my old sources and fix a few bugs and add new APIs that have been introduced in Vista and Windows 7, plus other APIs I could find. After poking around I managed to build a decent list of new APIs and these that I have missed previously. Turns out that after putting it all together, the number of APIs that the program can now handle expanded to almost 12000!

After few months of polishing, I am finally ready to release a new version. Since all my code will be now released under Hexacorn name, I changed the program’s name as well, so from now on it will be called Hexacorn Application Monitor (a.k.a. HAM). And just for the fun of it, I also added ‘Pro’ to its name :).

Hexacorn Application Monitor

Hexacorn Application Monitor

This program is FREE for both commercial and non-commercial use. Yup, you heard that right. Note that this is a new version of the tool that has been not updated in 4 years. It surely contains bugs and some of the APIs may not be intercepted properly. If you find bugs. or find it useful, please do let me know. Thanks.


I will soon post some practical examples on how to use it and what sort of stuff you can find with it.

Download HAM