RegRipper Ripper (3R) and the list of reg keys covered by RR plugins

April 4, 2013 in 3RPG, Forensic Analysis


Updated 3R to cover the latest archive from the RegRipper site – (new version introduced over 40 new scripts)

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I got curious what keys are already covered by existing 280+ RegRipper Plugins so I wrote a quick and dirty script to retrieve the data from all plugins in an automated way. For the fun of it, I named the script RegRipper Ripper (3R).

The script is here, and the result of running it over the latest bundle is available here.

You may use the list to see what’s already covered and… avoid writing a plugin for a key that is already handled.

The 3R is a dumb script, so a few things I had to fix manually (but still inside the script, so it can be used to regenerate the tables anytime needed, e.g. after the bundle update). I hope there are no mistakes, but if you spot any, please let me know and I will fix that. Thanks!

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