Проверено. у нас мин нет!

Two days ago Yandex.ru listed hexacorn.com as malicious.

It was the only URL checker that highlighted it as malicious, but being on such list is always a serious concern:


I checked the web site, compared with the older backups and I didn’t see anything wrong. I then dropped Yandex.ru guys an email, and looks like they fixed their listing  – testing with VirusTotal shows it is all good now:

Not sure what caused this, but well… it’s all about heuristics and they are sometimes wrong.

Good to see Yandex.ru guys reacted so quickly.


And just in case you are wondering what the title means, this should provide you a context:


And no, I am not suggesting there were any mines on Hexacorn. Like everything, context has its scope and err… context 🙂

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