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Introducing alternative strings and a tool of true tools

February 17, 2017 in Silly

Business is a world of words. Politics is a world of nuances.  The very same principle applies to data analysis – strings are readable, and alternative strings are readable alternatively. Given the fact the alternative strings have never been paid attention to, I introduce a new script that aims at fixing this issue.

The script is written in perl and is very simple to use. All you need to do is to run it using the following syntax:

  • perl <filename>

The resulting output is very easy to interpret – here are two examples:

  • Running the script using its own code as an input shows a number of neglected blank characters:


  • Running the script on calc.exe – note the ‘frozen’ color of the window which indicates the next-gen AI algorithm is broadcasting the bells and other weird characters to the user making the analysis great again

Say ‘cyber’ one more time….

December 16, 2016 in Silly

…well, you can try to do so in multiple languages – courtesy of Google Translate – note that some of them are obviously wrong ;):

Afrikaans: kuber
Albanian: cyber
Arabic: الإلكترونية
Armenian: Cyber
Azerbaijani: kiber
Basque: cyber
Belarusian: кібер
Bengali: সাইবার
Bosnian: cyber
Bulgarian: кибер
Catalan: cibernètic
Cebuano: cyber
Chichewa: Cyber
Chinese (Simplified): 网络
Chinese (Traditional): 網絡
Chinese: 网络
Croatian: cyber
Czech: cyber
Danish: cyber
Dutch: cyber
English: cyber
Esperanto: cyber
Estonian: cyber
Filipino: cyber
Finnish: cyber
French: cyber
Galician: cibernético
Georgian: კიბერ
German: Cyber
Greek: κυβερνοχώρο
Gujarati: સાયબર
Haitian Creole: cyber
Hausa: cyber
Hebrew: סייבר
Hindi: साइबर
Hmong: cyber
Hungarian: cyber
Icelandic: Cyber
Igbo: cyber
Indonesian: cyber
Irish: cíbear
Italian: informatica
Japanese: サイバー
Javanese: cyber
Kannada: ಸೈಬರ್
Kazakh: Cyber
Khmer: អ៊ិនធើណែ
Korean: 사이버
Lao: cyber
Latin: cyber
Latvian: cyber
Lithuanian: kibernetinio
Macedonian: сајбер
Malagasy: tserasera
Malay: siber
Malayalam: സൈബർ
Maltese: ċibernetika
Maori: ipurangi
Marathi: सायबर
Mongolian: кибер
Myanmar (Burmese): ဆိုက်ဘာ
Nepali: साइबर
Norwegian: cyber
Persian: سایبری
Polish: cyber
Portuguese: Cyber
Punjabi: ਸਾਈਬਰ
Romanian: Cyber
Russian: кибер
Serbian: сајбер
Sesotho: Cyber
Sinhala: සයිබර්
Slovak: cyber
Slovenian: cyber
Somali: cyber
Spanish: Cyber
Sundanese: cyber
Swahili: it
Swedish: cyber
Tajik: киберҷинояткорӣ
Tamil: இணைய
Telugu: సైబర్
Thai: ในโลกไซเบอร์
Turkish: Sibern
Ukrainian: кібер
Urdu: سائبر
Uzbek: kiber
Vietnamese: cyber
Welsh: seiber
Yiddish: סייבער
Yoruba: Cyber
Zulu: Cyber