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Enter Sandbox – part 11: Breaking the sandbox, literally :)

June 10, 2016 in Sandboxing, Silly

My homemade VMs run on VMWare. I use it for a number of years now and is my preference as it’s very fast (especially on SSD), configuration is very flexible, the management of snapshots is very user-friendly and in general – I am really happy with it.

I use VMWare to run some of automated malware analysis too and with nearly 1 million files processed there are occasions when it breaks.

I would be really curious to know what is the failure ratio for the commercial sandboxes, but I would imagine this must be happening quite a bit, given the volume of samples they process. I guess it’s probably one of the best stress tests for VMs – the code ran in a malware sandbox does a lot of funny stuff and is written by gazillions of clever programmers. There is a huge variety of code, data, errors, undocumented tricks, etc. – I bet some researchers already do it, but I would imagine this could be a good way to automate fuzzing of the VM software in order to find VM escapes.

In any case, since this post falls under ‘Enter sandbox’ series, it’s actually just a quickie dedicated to the dialog boxes that every once in a while kill my batch processing 🙂











The hex stories – hex wordsmiths playing with the hex words in the hex world

June 3, 2016 in Silly

I was wondering what is the longest meaningful phrase made out of words containing only letters A..F – the only letters that are allowed in a hexadecimal system. After downloading some word lists I came up with the following:

  • facaded facade –  a double facade
  • defaced deface – when a hacked entity that was already hacked is hacked again before recovery (i.e. double defaced)
  • beefed beef – the beef that is very juicy, or with a lot of marble, or it’s stinky
  • be deaf be deaf, be dead, be dead – probably part of some lyrics
  • decaffaced – to be overdecaffeinated

And the short story about the little deaf bee that discovered that her dad is a hated fed abusing decaffeinated coffee (probably both attended the Defcon):

a deaf baffed babe bee faced decaffaced dad: a fed! 
be dead, facaded face! bad dad!

After playing with it and wondering what the heck am I doing I decided to google around, and.. turns out I was not the first one to think of it. There are actually more similar efforts.