Introducing alternative strings and a tool of true tools

February 17, 2017 in Silly

Business is a world of words. Politics is a world of nuances.  The very same principle applies to data analysis – strings are readable, and alternative strings are readable alternatively. Given the fact the alternative strings have never been paid attention to, I introduce a new script that aims at fixing this issue.

The script is written in perl and is very simple to use. All you need to do is to run it using the following syntax:

  • perl <filename>

The resulting output is very easy to interpret – here are two examples:

  • Running the script using its own code as an input shows a number of neglected blank characters:


  • Running the script on calc.exe – note the ‘frozen’ color of the window which indicates the next-gen AI algorithm is broadcasting the bells and other weird characters to the user making the analysis great again

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